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Every young person asks:
Who am I?

Every day, at home and at school, alone or with friends, they're trying to determine the answer.

This YDisciple course gets to the heart of the question and shows how the discovery of their personal identity is intertwined with their relationship with God, who has created them and loves them more than they love themselves.
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"The Lamb of God," "The Bread of Life," "The Body and the Blood of Christ"... these are phrases we know from the Mass. But do we understand what they mean in the greater and deeper context of Scripture and Church teaching?
Who better to look to for guidance on evangelization than the Apostles and disciples of the early Church? And what better place to read their stories than in the firsthand account of the Acts of the Apostles? In the ten-part series Evangelization and the Acts of the Apostles, Dr. Mary Healy combines insightful biblical study with Church teaching and practical advice to show how modern Catholics can effectively impact their world for Jesus Christ.