To All Parishioners and Guests of Sacred Heart Parish

1, My sincere apology for the mass confusion that I have received from the email which I asked Cindy to send to all of you regarding the new Archdiocesan guidelines which applies to all parishes within the Archdiocese.  With that in mind,  it brings me to write to all of you.  The purpose of the email was to choose the best practice for all of us, for our health and safety as we gather together as a community in our worship and praise as God’s people during the pandemic. 


2, It is hard to believe that it has been more than a year and few months that many of us have lived in uncertainty, fear and with reservations.  Many of you have witnessed your dearest loved ones, friends and co-workers pass away as a result of Covid-19 or indirectly related to it.  I have witnessed some of you mourn and weep for them; some of you even had to face the sorrow that you could not even have a chance to say your last farewell or “I love you” to them because hospitals, nursing homes, hospice care, assisted living homes and health care institutions would not allow you to visit them because of Covid-19 protocols. Many of you were heartbroken and even might have asked “why did God allows the virus to happen?”  Yet we marched forward and placed our hope and faith in God, each other and our government for a speedy cure.

3, Many of you are aware of the new Archdiocese guidelines ending the dispensation for attending Mass on Sunday and Holy Days of Obligation as of May 22/23, 2021, the Feast of Pentecost, but still allow it under certain circumstances.  The latest Archdiocesan guideline, which was released on May 14, 2021, gave pastors the discretion for their own parishes.  The updated guideline followed CDC’s recommendation for ”those who are fully vaccinated to stop wearing masks and social distancing, even indoors.”  Many of you by now have received the vaccine and some of us are lucky enough to have natural immunity and antibodies which God provided for our health.  Some of you, because of allergies, cannot received the vaccine under the guidance and care of your doctor’s’ order; and some of us placed our faith in God’s loving care to protect us.  All are valid and acceptable for our health and safety. WE NEED TO TRUST IN GOD AND IN EACH OTHER AS WE GATHER AS GOD’S PEOPLE WHEN WE COME TOGETHER TO PRAISE AND WORSHIP.

4, With that in mind, as your pastor I have decided that effective May 22/23, 2021, we will return to our normal way of practice prior to Covid-19 as we gather together.  YOU ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED TO WEAR MASKS OR SOCIAL DISTANCE! (If a mask continues to make you feel more comfortable and safe, please continue to do so wherever you sit.)  For those who still have reservations and fear, but still want to wear masks or practice social distancing (CDC recommended 3 feet), the last two pews on each side of the church and the back part of the parish hall will be reserved for you, but on a first come first serve seating basis. 

5. The 5:00 p.m. Mass on Sunday will be suspended until further notice.  I will revisit this when the college
students come back in the Fall.

6.  We will continue to live stream Mass on Facebook for the time being.

7. Above all, let us do everything out of love for God and each other by taking care of ourselves and each other.


Fr Young Nguyen