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1st Degree
Bro. Clif Scott, Bro. Jim Tromaz, Bro Bob Pratt's wife,Sally Pratt, 
Bro. Charles Wease, Bro. Clem Stickline,
Bro Bob Ducing's wife Blane, Bro. Peter Boylan, Bro. Dick McCoy's wife Pat McCoy

Active Military and Veterans, Law Enforcement & First Responders, Nurses and Doctors.

Pray for members of Sacred Heart who are sick, suffering and in need.
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Grand Knight
Ross Martinez
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Please pray for our Seminarians that they will endure their journey to the priesthood.
Cole Austin
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Bro. Peter Boyland, Bro. Joe Vaughns mother-in-law, Cicilia Menzo, Bro.Tom Linski,  Bro. Jan Bassette,  Ranata Martinez, Bro. Ross' wife, Bro. Dick Sand,  Bro. Earl Tilden,  Bro. Bob Chiplock, 
Bro. John Geist's wife, Fiona.

Officers 2023 - 2024
Council Meets the 2nd Tuesday of Every Month in Flannery O'Connor Hall ~ Adoration at 6:00 - Rosary at 6:40pm ~ Eat at 7:00pm ~ Meeting at 7:30
Pope John Paul II Assembly - Baldwin/Laurens Counties, GA.  Established March 2011
GK Eddie presents Deacon John with Knight of the Month.  Deacon delivers thoughtful and spiritual talk before out meetings, and he is active through out the parish.
Jonathan Webster
We are honored to announce the newest members of our Knights of Columbus Council.  Please welcome and pray for: L-R Chuck Foley, John Short, Michael Newcomer, Blake Hera, Vince Ciampa
Deputy Grand Knight - Gil Davila

Chancellor - Frank Tracy

Recorder - Oswaldo Finelli

Treasurer - Rick Knapp

Warden - Joe Vaughn

Outside Guard - Christian Knapp

Advocate - Michael Koenig

1st Yr Trustee - Joe Kump

2nd Yr Trustee - Patrick Donovan

3rd Yr Trustee - JJ McClure
Dick Mccoy