We are a group of individuals who are dedicated to compassionately helping the struggling families of Baldwin County with understanding, love and resources. Help to families is given without regard to religious affiliation.

Once a week persons with financial needs are given an appointment to meet with an interview team.  Their needs are assessed to determine what help is needed and what can be provided.  We are only able to help the same family or individual once every three years as the need is so great.  Depending on the need, we can help with food, shelter, and utility assistance. Sometimes help is given to understand the root causes of the problem, or referrals are made to another agency.

In 2015, over $73,000.00 was spent  helping 240 individuals (accounting for 536 family members) make rent/mortgage/ utility payments, assisting 49 individuals(accounting for 135 family members) with food baskets over the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, giving out 60 food and gas vouchers and ensuring that 110 needy Baldwin county children received a Christmas gift.

Most of our funding comes from the annual fundraiser and donations throughout the year from parishioners. We also have received a limited grant from FEMA in the past several years.  The Kroger Community Awards program also brings in some funds, and we encourage everyone to sign up for that program.
www.krogercommunityrewards.com#17538).  All of the funds that are generated go to directly assist those in need with the exception of minimal administrative costs. (Phone used to schedule appointments and office supplies.)

Helping Hands members meet every second Monday of the month to plan for our various activities. We are always looking for individuals who are willing to volunteer with our group, and all are welcome to volunteer regardless of religious affiliation. There are many ways in which you can become involved including:

·Serve as a screener on the interview team. Most screeners serve once a month or every other month on a Tuesday from 1-4pm.
·Help with our annual pancake supper. This event is held on the evening before Lent. Helpers are needed to cook pancakes, wash dishes and serve.
·Assist with the annual fundraiser. Volunteers are needed to plan and help out on the evening of the event. This year our fundraiser will be held on September 17th.
·Help organize and run the annual Angel Tree.  Help to put up the tree, make the angel ornaments and deliver gifts to DFCS in time for Christmas.
·Obtain grocery items for the Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets and help distribute them to families before Christmas and Thanksgiving.
·Help sell tickets for our fundraiser or various raffles throughout the year.
·Donate a raffle or auction item or make a financial contribution.

We have found that our own spirits are strengthened each time we lend a helping hand. In the midst of our own troubles, we are lifted up when we put someone else’s well being first.  We hope you will consider getting involved….

For more information about the Helping Hands Society or assistance in signing up for the Kroger Rewards Program, contact Mike McCabe at
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Assisting poor and needy families in Baldwin County

Sacred Heart Catholic Church
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P.O. Box 754
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Church office: 452-2421

Email: mccabe626@windstream.net